Cheap Internet Providers In Cochin

Wil always be so much stress on your head. There is always the stress of paying the movers and packers and you would always worry if anything got left behind. Moving to a city like Cochin that is beautiful and serene can be one of the best experiences of your life.
However, finding a reliable and fast broadband connection here can be extremely difficult. To help solve this predicament for you, we have put together a list of the best and the cheapest internet connections in Cochin.

5. Airtel

Plans Start @ – Rs. 899 per month
Airtel is known for its wide network coverage and reliable strength. Over the years Airtel has proved itself in all parts of India and this is certainly one of the best plans to take up when in Cochin. Although it may be slightly expensive in comparison to the other plans, it is definitely worth it. Airtel even offers a cap on the plan once the data is exhausted which means that the internet connection would not stop, the speed would reduce.

4. Tata Docomo

Plans Start @ – Rs. 699 per month
Tata Docomo has become a well known brand in terms of broadband connections. Their range of broadband connections is suited for all needs. Depending on the requirement of the speed and the data, the plans change accordingly. Although it may not be the cheapest plan available, it is certainly among the fastest.

3. Reliance

Plans Start @ – Rs. 549 per month
Reliance broadband is one of the leading broadband internet service providers all over India. The company has been around for a long time and has an established name in the market. They have some amazing internet plans for wired as well as wireless internet connections. Reliance is best known for their speed and reliability. If you’re looking for an internet plan that does not cost too much but manages to provide you with some amazing speed then Reliance is one of the best internet broadband companies to invest in.


Plans Start @ – Rs. 375 per month
BSNL is a government based internet provider that services various parts of the country. They are known to provide some of the best internet services across the nation. BSNL is one of the leading internet broadband providers in Cochin that has some amazing offers. They have limited as well as unlimited plans that are reasonable and perfect for home usage. These plans are very convenient and the service is reliable and trustworthy.

1. Asianet Broadband

Plans Start @ – Rs. 349 per month
Asianet is one of the oldest internet providers in India. The company provides internet to over 135,000 homes and is considered to be one of the best internet providers in India. They have a large network which and they started off their services in Kerala. They offer some of the best internet plans which are also the cheapest in Cochin.

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