OnePlus 3T VS OnePlus 3

The Chinese based company with name OnePlus has created buzz in the market with just 3 years of track record, the best rated company in China is now ready to compete with its own country company known as Xiomi.
At the time of the entry of OnePlus in India’s market Xiomi’s affordable price range and best in class Smartphone has revolutionized the segment of Smartphones in the segment of performance and looks. Xiomi launched Redmi Note 2 that moved the audience away from the iconic model lauched by Oneplus as the company named their new entry maker OnePlus 3.

Rumors and talk about OnePlus 3T

If we call about the looks, the 3T version will be available with more options to choose and the weight of the model is to be reduced further for a thinner stunning look. The Chinese market is flooded with rumors and one of that states that OnePlus has appeared for the China Compulsory Certification process with name A3010 in October and we can assume that the model is OnePlus 3T.

One of the reluctant transformation that users and mobile techs are looking forward in the OnePlus 3T model is the better display resolution, the OnePlus 3 comes with display resolution dull as compared to Samsung, HTC and Sony. The OnePlus 3T may offer new QHD display.

Comparing OnePlus 3T and OnePlus 3

OnePlus 4 is scheduled to be launched for the next year that’s why the company in a move to save its mark in India’s market has launched OnePlus 3T. The new edition that is based mostly on the feature of the previous model promises better performance as in response to the OnePlus 820 Snapdragon processor, the OnePlus 3T boasts 821 Snapdragon processor clocked at 2.4Ghz. Many of the phones in market are equipped with 820 chipset but 821 is the new entry that serve as the most iconic upgraded feature in the phone. If we compare OnePlus 3, it is based on 820 chipset that is clocked with 2.1Ghz.

3T Name Story

Just like the auto screen protective feature in OnePlus 3, the OnePlus 3T also compiles the same protective scheme rather than detachable thin plastic sheet. The Chinese Company OnePlus chose the name 3T as the upgraded version with the tag of PLUS is so common and Chinese social media site Weibo has uploaded company’s plan with name OnePlus 3T and the name become famous that leads company to launch its product with the rumored name.

A news pops up in between that the new OnePlus Model can be officially launched on November 14 in London and it will be significantly make available for sale the consecutive day.

Competitors in market

OnePlus 3T is aimed to shutdown the available craze for iPhone 7 and Google Pixel as company is looking forward to launch alike features of these phone with reduced price tag. The present color scheme for the model is decided to be differentiated from the OnePlus 3 model, the only available color option will be Black and it is not confirmed rather it will be jet black or any other contrast.

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